International Greeting

Welcome to CMA International!

My name is Holly Ogden and I am the International Ambassador serving our leaders worldwide. I grew up on the back of motorcycles and at the age of 16 trained to ride my own. At the age of 19, I purchased my first bike, a Honda Nighthawk 750, and was introduced to CMA as a great group of people to ride with. It was through the love of those local members that the love of God penetrated my heart and I went from having the title of Christian into a life committed to a relationship with Christ.

I have worked with the international portion of our ministry since 2000. It is exciting to watch the growth God is bringing worldwide through our brothers and sisters who have answered His call to take the love of Jesus Christ to the motorcyclists of the world. We have grown from a coalition of independent organizations in a handful of countries into an international family made up of over forty nations united under one banner, one focus, and one goal.

Each country desiring to start a CMA organization works through a four step process to become a chartered nation. This process is designed to provide the training and tools necessary to help grow a strong ministry team who operates in the purpose and vision of CMA. If you are interested in starting CMA in your country, or if you have additional questions about CMA International, feel free to contact us at

Holly Ogden

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